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This is a pure CBD product with just CBD ( THC-FREE) This is the same formulation as Epidiolex an FDA approved oil for humans.The benefits our clients have seen have included less separation anxiety, calmness during storms and firewoks, seizure control. In older dogs we have seen great results with relieving joint stiffness and a more active pet.


Remember, the biggest problem with pets and humans taking CBD is everyone’s amount needed is different.  MORE ISN’T BETTER AND SIZE DOESN'T MATTER, CBD benefit comes mainly by making up for the deficiency of our body-made cannabinoids. When there is a deficiency, it can cause hormonal imbalance that can result in inflammation, anxiety, and an overall unhealthy being. 


Slowly squeeze dosage into your dog's mouth and follow with a treat to be sure all the CBD is swallowed (or mix the dosage into your dog’s food, giving it a few minutes to thoroughly soak in before feeding your dog).


*Start low (5-10mg) to find the correct dosage for you. Every dog is unique in the way they process CBD. (each drop equals 1 mg a each .25 ml is 10 mgs or 10 drops) 

Canine CBD Bacon Flavor

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  • All Owlslee brand products are sourced and sold wisely.  Ingredients:  MCT oil, natural and artificial flavor.

  • We offer 100% money back guarantee!

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