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Manufacturer’s Statement:”Benefits of Miracle Chiro Cream infused with CBD. Chiro Cream is the most powerful Cannabidiol Cream On the market that offers multiple benefits while being absolutely safe for use and legal in all 50 states of U.S.A.”


Owlslee’s take: We were skeptical of topical CBD products in general. We understood ingesting of CBD tinctures and edibles could counter an Endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome (EDS)but how is a non transdermal  topical possibly going to be effective? Then in  researching we found that our skin has CB receptors and our doubt became hope. we tried several different brands and noted that a high percentage of our clients were finding great benefits. Another question of “is stronger better” was answered when we started seeing clients move up from the 500mg strength to the 1000mgs. the response was often that it acted quicker and lasted longer. Owlslee still feels CBD tincture should be your first choice to see if the pain can be controlled from the correction of the EDS internally treating the entire body instead of a defined area of the body.

Miracle CBD Chiro Cream 1000mg quantity

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Chiro-Cream 1,500 mg

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